Riven Mods in Warframe are rare, powerful weapon mods with unique attributes that enhance a weapon's performance. They have a mysterious and unpredictable style, adorned with intricate designs that reflect the game's futuristic aesthetic, and are highly valued by traders and collectors. All riven mods listed are unveiled/unlocked/challenge completed

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Plague Kripath Insitron

+3.5% Damage to Corpus
+10.5% Puncture
-3.7 Impact

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Mewan Scinus

+19.1% Slash
+8.1 Additional Combo Count Chance
-7.8% Finisher Damage

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Galvacord Toxi Deciata

+13.4% Toxin
+21.5% Melee Damage
+13.2% Status Duration
-11.7% Chance to Gain Combo Count

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Afuris Vexipha

+13.7% Electricity
+13.2% Heat

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Stug Ampiata

+20% Ammo Maximum
+47.9% Damage
-6.6% Zoom